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What our students say

I study with Siobhan through online lessons and I feel like I know her personally! She's accurate, helpful and her lessons are innovative and sophisticated. Since I've studied with her, I have improved a lot and cannot wait to participate in an Aerial Escape! 
You will love what Siobhan has to offer in her online courses....just a single course has a ton of really awesome and unique material to work through at your own pace.
I totally recommend the Silks Geometry workshop! The sequences taught in the workshop are challenging for me, but Siobhan's way of explaining each move, the exercises shown, and the breakdown of each sequence per level of complexity, just preps you for success!
Siobhan's aerial workshops are always full of new and creative ideas that are inspiring and challenge you to push yourself. I highly recommend!
Thank you from afar for your clear and detailed descriptions, beautiful demonstrations, and lovely accent :) lots of fun ideas I'm looking forward to exploring! (The amount of work and care in these modules is incredible!)
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